LumenAd is changing the face of internet marketing. Consolidating metrics, and simplifying results.

Hyperlocal Targeting

LumenAd gives advertisers the tools to deliver highly targeted digital marketing campaigns that follow consumers on the move based on location, time-of-day, and environment. Hyperlocal targeting empowers advertisers to conduct more granular, engaging, and relevant campaigns.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

By activating Dynamic Creative Optimization, LumenAd delivers vibrant, custom brand experiences across multiple channels to the right people at the right time. With dynamic optimization, advertisers can execute advanced targeting strategies using multiple parameters including 1st party, 3rd party, cookies, geography, and more.

Cross-Device Activation

LumenAd can target consumers on multiple devices for sequential messaging, optimum frequency capping, and high-cost effectiveness

Brand Safety

LumenAd runs rigorous multilayer brand safety monitoring across all channels to ensure ads only appear on appropriate sites adjacent to suitable content.

Rich Media Experience

LumenAd is committed to ad innovation, immersive content and engaging experiences for consumers. We leverage a wide range of ad units that expand, float, play, and reveal to take your brand beyond the click.


With LumenAd, campaigns can be optimized and repositioned based on what is working in-flight. Companies can expect a detailed summary of optimal reach, frequency, and performance by channel to use for future ideations.


Generate compelling messaging and present relevant offers to customers that motivate them to re-engage with your advertisement. LumenAd supports any number of data-driven cross-selling and up-selling campaign initiatives.

Look-alike Modeling

Map the behaviors of your best customers to build a campaign geared towards reaching new prospects who share the same characteristics.

Ad Suppression

LumenAd ensures your customers are not bombarded with the same ads on a frequent basis; this contributes to wasted ad dollars and negative brand exposure. Entice your customers by showing your ads an ideal number of times to pique curiosity and get brand engagement.

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